ASCO Services has been providing quality alarm system installation, monitoring, and service since our founding in 1967. It is our mission to help protect your property and most importantly the ones you love by supplying the tools you need to secure your home or business in an insecure world. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to maintain an ongoing knowledge of the current technology as well as an in-depth understanding of the current trends and systems in the securities and alarm fields.

Since ASCO was founded in 1967 we have always tried to put the customer first.  Whether its a multi million dollar firm or a hard working coal miner just trying to protect his family we cover them all and we treat every one with the respect and loyalty they deserve.

ASCO offers not only Security options for the business but also for your home providing options and systems to meet your needs and budget. With our locally owned and operated 24 hour call center and knowledgeable staff every call receives live local attention from a real local person not a machine. The advantage of our local call center is clear when you look at our response and service times. By maintaining our center here in Parkersburg and staffing it with local operators we can do more for our home community. From creating local jobs to being able to give accurate directions and adapt to changes in the local environment. When wondering if being local really makes a difference ask your self this. Does my call center, who is responsible for directing EMS to my locating in time of need, know when a local street or intersection is closed and how to detour around the closing or do they only know what is on map quest? With that thought in mind its clear why staying local makes since when it comes to your security.

When it comes to our technical service our technicians are trained in every system we sell and can answer any questions you have before, during, or after an installation.  With ASCO you never have to worry about hearing “sorry I don’t know you need to call the manufacture.”  Our business is security and with that comes peace of mind, satisfaction is our goal and we won’t stop till our goal is achieved.

The great thing about our systems is the flexibility whether your building a new home, have a classic Victorian, a modern ranch, a simple modular, or anything in between we can build a system that will do what you need. From hard wired systems with multi user interfaces to simple wireless personal emergency pendants we can do it all. With ASCO your satisfaction is our top priority.

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